Rail Transport in a Nutshell

  • Conventional consignment with or without track change
  • Container transports by rail
  • Multimodal transports including transshipping
  • Consignment of unusual deliveries with a focus on former CIS states
  • Project shipments exceeding the loading gauge

Rail Transport – Facts

The advantages of rail transport are a good price-performance ratio and excellent security. For example, sensitive goods can be optimally protected using dividers in the individual carriages.

International Rail Transport

In the European rail network and that of the former CIS states there are different track gauges, depending on the country. It’s reassuring to know you have a service provider on your side who who can show a lot of expertise and experience in the area. And one who will subsequently call on this knowledge to organise the reloading of goods from the various wagon types and rail systems. This particularly comes into play with regard to wagon loads which exceed the loading gauge as, again, they have to be treated separately.

For most rail consignments, however, reloading is necessary. The cargo is delivered to, or picked up from, special freight yards by trucks, for example.

Combined Rail Transport

As suggested above, it is very rare that goods can be delivered to the customer’s door by rail. Hence, an intelligent combination of rail and road is required. This makes it necessary to involve specialists who approach the task with sophisticated time management and sound professional knowledge and who can call on reliable trade partners. Your partner for this? Pfaff International!

On this note, also read about our European overland transport services.

Rail Transport – Pfaff International

We know all common wagon types and have an in-depth knowledge of both European and Russian rail gauges. Consequently we organise and carry out international rail consignments across the whole of Europe as well as to Russia and the former CIS states. Standard container traffic by rail is offered, as are multimodal transports.

Do you need a wagon consignment which exceeds the loading gauge? Not a problem for us. We provide an all-in-one solution from the manufacturer to the final destination! Leave the planning and execution to the professionals – you won’t be disappointed, because this is where we shine.

Do you contract out orders in shipping and the transport of abnormal and heavy loads? Our team of experts is looking forward to your enquiry.