Quality Management in a Nutshell

  • Certification as per DIN ISO 9001:2000 since 1993
  • Certification in accordance with International Food Standard (IFS) implementing a HACCP concept
  • Certification as per Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) since 2014
  • In-house officer for safety, quality & environmental protection
  • Safety training: take two, Alerta, competence check, near miss, etc.
  • Driver training: Smith parts 1 & 2 – defensive driving, IPO, emergency drills and fire drills
  • Pre-departure and roadside checks
  • Company doctor check-ups: G25 incl. drugs test, certification as per §43 IfSG

Quality Management

Quality management is a top priority in our company. The high value we have always placed, from the very beginning, on scrupulous safety and quality in every area is the proof. Consequently we implement a variety of measures to ensure that, at Pfaff, we satisfy the highest standards all times. We were first certified as per DIN ISO 9001:2000 as far back as 1993, and continue to hold this certification. In 2014 we received the Quality Assessment System (SQAS) certificate. We provide carbon-neutral services thanks to the use of renewable energy such as geothermic and photovoltaic sources.

Of course we also satisfy the guidelines of the International Food Standard (IFS) through the use of a HACCP concept for all food logistics jobs. To ensure high levels of safety and reliability at Pfaff, safety training, driver training and company doctor check-ups are a matter of course, as are pre-departure and roadside checks. This also means that an in-house officer monitors all quality and security measures to be followed and guarantees the consistent implementation of all necessary measures.

Modern Energy Management & Green Logistics

As a customer and partner of Pfaff, you are also doing your bit for a greener environment, because our fleet consists primarily of vehicles which comply with the Euro-6 emission standard. We use biodiesel and provide carbon-neutral services through the use of renewable energy such as geothermic and photovoltaic sources.

Photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of our logistics buildings provide a total of 1,200 kWp, in other words enough green energy to supply 450 two-person households. The result is a yearly reduction in CO2 emissions of around 1,100 tonnes.

In short: the themes of quality, security, environment and energy are of particular importance and will always be prioritised in the company.

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